CleanUpp: supporting lists

Which lists are supported

CleanUpp supports a wide range of lists. At the moment we support all standard KHN lists:

  • Temperature lists
  • Cleaning lists
  • Assurance lists
  • Periodic hygiene check lists
  • Production registration lists

Another important type of list is the checklist. In many companies, checklists are indispensable and that is why CleanUpp offers support for these. It is always easy to have the starting-up lists and closing lists digitally and clearly at hand.

All these categories can support your (own) lists. At CleanUpp you are not commited to standard forms, but lists can be copied 1 to 1 as you wish. Don't have any lists yet? In that case the standard lists of the KHN can always be used of course.

In addition, we are busy adding more and more new types of lists to the app. Also custom-made, if desired.