CleanUpp: completing tasks

Tasks: completing

CleanUpp distinguishes between two types of tasks: data entry tasks and check tasks. For example, a data entry task is to do a temperature measurement. These types of measurements often include multiple checkpoints, such as temperature, packaging control and THT control. An example of a check task is a cleaning task. With these types of tasks, a simple check mark is sufficient. To complete a check task, all you have to do is click on the check mark. For data entry tasks, you can click on the task to go to the data entry page.

Data entry tasks
When completing tasks, all kinds of properties can be indicated. In the case of temperature tasks, for example, limits can be indicated between which a correct value must fall. If the completed value does not fall within these limits, an "action in case of deviation" field will automatically appear that must be completed.

For even more convenience, there is the possibility to tick off cleaning tasks and checklists at the touch of a button. In the settings menu on the website this option can be set on and off.

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