CleanUpp: managing app

Manage your own company/ companies!

CleanUpp can be easily managed via our website, cleanupp.com.

Live overview
On the website you will see live which tasks are still open and which are completed. This way you can always monitor how things are going at work, even if you are not there yourself.

Manage tasks
On the website you can easily manage the tasks that are on lists. You can enter the name of the task, add a detailed description (including photos and videos!) and indicate when these tasks should be done and more. ideal. This way, the lists are always up-to-date and have the best and most detailed description.

Manage employees
The employees can very easily be added and put back on hold. In this way, each employee can be included in CleanUpp, so that he or she can complete tasks with their own profile. This ensures that you can always see who did what afterwards! A profile picture can also be set up for each employee, to give a more personal touch to CleanUpp.

And more
CleanUpp continues to evolve to add even more features and tricks. Our aim is to always develop new tools, so that you can eventually work completely paperless in the kitchen.