CleanUpp &

Sijbrand Ran, Executive Chef

Last summer we participated in the Sail Den Helder event with our mobile kitchen. In advance we ran through the cleaning, start-up, closing and temperature lists thoroughly and then created the lists in CleanUpp.

During the event we performed and completed the tasks in CleanUpp daily, as it should be. As it happens very often, the NVWA regularly comes to check during festivals/events, this time as well...

The inspectors were very impressed with the system, the convenience and clarity it gives. You can draw up the "books" at any time of the day and give insight into the state of affairs regarding the implementation of the HACCP/ general hygiene within the company.

We have been working with the CleanUpp app company-wide to our full satisfaction for almost two years now, using. features such as start-up and closing lists, recipes. Everything is accessible to employees and gives real-time insight into the state of affairs. There is a lot possible, including tasks on demand (which you don't always have, for example). And that's what reinforces the overview! All in all very happy to have purchased this as Paal 17 Texel.